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Spring Toast.

A new poster design for The Toasters. And if I counted right (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) they are touring for a full 44 days straight! No days off! One straight after the other! You need to go and see them, just to see how tired they will look. 

You can buy a print of this poster in my webstore for $9.95 + shipping. 

The Toasters Mini-Summer June US Tour 2011 poster.

The Toasters are rocking out all year with their 30th celebrations. Their latest shows have them doing a mini tour in the US in June. Go check them out if you are in the area. And yes, to them an 11 day tour with no breaks is mini.

The Toasters European Tour 2011 poster.

The Toasters are back in Europe yet again with another action packed tour, heading all over the union without a single days rest! Go check them out and head down to a show if you can!

The Toasters Spring ‘11 tour poster.

This is the latest tour poster I have created for The Toasters. It is for their Spring tour of their 30th Anniversary year, which is a full month and a half of shows without a single day off!

The Toasters 30th Anniversary Tour poster.

The Toasters asked me to design them a default tour poster for the entire year so venues and clubs around the world can enter their own details and promote the shows that way. 

The Toasters banner.

This is a banner I designed for The Toasters’ new webstore. Here you can buy all their merchandise, new and old. And even one or two of mine!  

The Toasters 30th Anniversary Logo.

Next year (2011) will mark the 30th anniversary of The Toasters and they asked me to do a special redesign of their logo for it. It will appear on tshirts, posters, banners, buttons/badges, etc. And no doubt in many different countries on the endless tours that they thankfully do! 

In The Toasters webstore you can already pick up this design as a button/badge.

The Toasters tour poster 2010.

This is another Toasters poster I have recently designed for their upcoming tour across North America. This is the first design for them I have done without the checkered pattern, but I feel I have made up for it with the black and white text for the dates instead. 

The Toasters tour poster

For their first leg of their European tour 2010. Originally part 1 of 2, but most of 2 (the UK part of the tour) got cancelled.

The Toasters tour poster.

From getting the brief to sending the design back to them, it took a record time of just a little over an hour. I wanted to keep their logo the main part of the poster (obviously), but there were a lot of dates to squeeze in so it was tough to find the right balance.