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The Wall: ITPS - Year 2.

It has now been one whole year since The Wall: Inside The Poster Studio has been released. And to celebrate that fact, we are holding a sale where you can get 20% off the print edition for the next week only! Just head over to the webstore, and at the checkout enter the code, “1DAMNYEAR”. Thanks for all your support.


Pencil City.

I had an idea that was only part of the way completed laying around because of the project heading in a different direction, but I quite liked it so I wanted to finish it. I recently got round to finishing it off and I submitted it to Threadless since I probably wouldn’t have done anything with it for months/years. So feel free to give it a vote if you like it.


Infographic Of Trust.

Back in January, we (myself and Adventures In Design podcast) asked the listeners fifteen simple and easy questions about themselves. We wanted to see what the average listener was like. What they do, who they are, how they listen to the podcast, and more importantly… Team Mark, Team Billy, or Team James Flames. These are the things everyone has wanted to know since the start of these great adventures. And now we have the answers.



I’m on Dribbble. Come follow me and/or see what I’m up to. There’s already some in progress work up there (like Leafish pictured above), but there will be plenty more to come!


12 Things To Remember When Publishing A Book.

I have written a new article. This time it is for the good folks over at Adventures In Design Podcast. As the title suggests, it is about 12 things to remember when publishing a book. These twelve things I have talked about are events, situations or problems I have come into contact with while putting together my two books. Take a look at it and support the podcast!


AID Article Poll/Survey.

I am doing an article for the great, Adventures In Design podcast. Which some of our eagle-eyed readers might have read yesterday on here. However, this article involves YOU! We need you to fill in this simple survey to help carve out the article. It won’t take long, it actually takes just over ONE minute. Care to spare just one whole minute for your favourite design podcast? Yeah I thought so.



I have created a typeface. It is called, Sheff. Three different weights; Regular, Light, and Fill. But since my lack of creating typefaces skills are a bit lacking at the minute, the ‘light’ and ‘fill’ show up as italic and bold. 

I have made it FREE to download and to use for personal or commercial projects. I also uploaded it onto ‘’ as I figure I’ll place it where most people will find it rather than hide it away on my own personal site like normal.

I created this after working on a little something inside of a bigger something about my favourite city, Sheffield. Inspired by the steel and then the construction that uses the steel, came this typeface. 


Familiar Typefaces: Tom's Five Bestest albums of 2012!


I really struggled to even remember what albums were released in 2012. This year (for me) has been quite slim on the album release front. So I am going to keep it short and sweet with my Five Bestest albums released last year (in no particular order).

  1. The Skatalites - Walk With Me
  2. Jimmy Cliff -…

My top five albums of 2012. A very slow year music-wise, I very much doubt I could have mentioned ten albums. 

We Three Kings.

On Christmas Eve, my band, Familiar Typefaces, released our Christmas EP entitled, We Three Kings. Granted it was a bit later than I would have liked but it’s out now and available for free to download, click the link below to download it. Or if you would like to hear a song first, follow the YouTube link.


My dearest of dear friends, Vanessa Newbutt, has been making handmade items for a while now and a few months back I came up with a logo idea for her. Now we’ve got it on business cards, stickers, banners, etc. So next time she does a craft fair (later this week) she will be kitted out properly and show the rest of them how it’s done!