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Etsy + More.

I have caved and got myself an Etsy account (this is the formal announcement). It is surprisingly better than I thought it would be. I haven’t deleted my Big Cartel account. I still enjoy the way I can make it more my own on there, but it would be foolish to ignore Etsy anymore. And since I now operate in two currencies it makes sense to have two stores.

New Blog.

If you are reading this now I hope you have noticed I have got myself a new slick blog theme. While the previous one served me well and we had many good months together, we have parted ways as friends. But little does it know I have found myself a new, better looking theme to edit and share my posts with. But I guess now we have gone public it is only a matter of time before it finds out. So previous blog theme, whatever your name was, I will always treasure the time we spent together. (Too much?)


This Thursday on the 9th, the print edition will officially be released. For all you people that use US Dollars you can buy a copy at my Big Cartel store. And for any fellow Brits, or just those who prefer to deal with Pounds/GBP, I have opened up a store on Etsy, where the print book and a few posters are now available. All available in my currency of Great British Pounds.